Sweet India

SWEET INDIA by Nicola Rickards Karesh

My heart melts.
Warm feeling pours out and floods my soul.
A sweet love washes over me.
I am full,
Yet bathed in the emptiness of life force.

India, sweet India.
You are the portal to heaven.
My eyes gaze into yours
And I am immediately enveloped
In a love so strong,
It almost aches.

Emotion wells up.
Nowhere to go.
Nothing to do but connect to the beauty,
The preciousness that is you…
That is me.

You invite me in with your innocence,
Your sweet vulnerability.
You tug at my heart,
And all I can do is love.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2007 – All rights reserved.
(from Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections)




The sun is just up and a choir of bird songs fill the air.
Clear and insistent announcement of presence.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2015 – All rights reserved.

feeling magic

I feel so alive this morning.  Like anything and everything is possible.  I know this feeling.  It’s the kind of feeling when magic’s about to happen.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2014 – All rights reserved.


reflection in time


I am 53.  My life could be over tomorrow.  Has it been a good life?  A remarkable one, even?  Even in its simplicity, is there something worthy of a second glance, a nod, a smile?  Would you pull out your highlighter to take note, to remember a moment in my timeline?  Was my being here worthwhile?

I don’t believe I’m here to stroke my ego.  It would be nice though, to make somebody’s “A” list… someone who drew breath on this earth who benefited from my doing the same.

Ah yes… I am safe.  Four leggeds do have a vote.